About Dr. Keller

Years of experience and specialization

My background is I am a naturopathic doctor, a science-based medical practitioner who utilizes natural methods first to restore balance and optimize health.

The focus in naturopathy is on treating the underlying cause in addition to symptoms by utilizing natural means such as diet, herbs, supplements, avoidance of chemicals, detoxification support and mindfulness to reduce/relieve stress in order to allow the body to heal.

The importance of absorbing nutrients needed for genes to work properly (nutrigenomics) is a passion of mine as well as what can turn genes on and off (epigenetics) and how to maintain balance of hormones.

All of these influences contribute to inflammation and an imbalance in life. The great news is there is so much we can do!

That is why I developed 6 and 12 month Optimal Health Consultant programs as a way to connect directly with people in their homes and/or on a shopping trip in order to offer them personalized life and health coaching.

My services aid in reducing the obstacles to enable you to reach and maintain optimal health for life!



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